MONKFOURWHY is After Hours first artist. Good friend of Benjamin Luca he has been truly enthusiastic about producing in the techno genre.

He has been hard at work learning the ins and outs of producing and is constant on working on new material. His unrelenting style in hard techno was appealing to us as it adds an extra layer to the After Hours sound.

From the beginning he has been going b2b with Benjamin Luca while refining new concepts together in the studio

MONKFOURWHY grew up in country Durham, from a young age he had a broad knowledge of different genres of music. Becoming 18 he got to the dance floor and really found passion with the Techno scene. This lead to him expanding his understanding going to university, educating himself in the nitty gritty of production.

We are exited to share his passion and cant wait to show you what he has to offer.


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