Benjamin Luca founded after hours with ambition that he could create a platform that young and upcoming talent could use to collaborate, help and support each other to show case there musical talent. 

He built the label from the ground up so that that our artists have a unified platform to publish their work and that our fans would have the best and most convenient way to not only listen to their favorite titles but find out the latest news, radio shows and upcoming events on the techno scene without hassle.

This artist is our first to release a title on the label and is an experienced DJ he hosts our weekly radio show and is at the forefront for initiative techno production. He has a big vision for the label and is actively working to better it at every point he can as to provide the best and fair experience to our team and the fans.

He is actively looking for upcoming talent on the techno scene. If you know of anyone or you think this applies to you, use the contact us button in the footer so we can establish dialog and bring some banging techno to your fans.


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